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3 ways attorneys can use reviews to grow their practices

August 6, 2018


Generating positive reviews is great, who doesn’t like seeing their name in lights? Especially when you know you’ve done a great job helping a client. The next step is leveraging those reviews properly to help grow your law firm and let future clients know you’re the right law firm for the job. While at first reviews might seem like a one and done proposition client reviews can be the gift that keeps on giving. Let’s take a look at 3 quick ways reviews can help you grow your law firm.

Google Search Results

The first and most direct way to use reviews, making sure they end up on Google so that when clients search your name or related terms like “attorney near me” you show up and not the other lawyer down the street. As Google continues to work hard to promote local businesses, in an effort to grow ad revenue I might add, they will continue to use reviews to determine who rises to the top of the rankings and who get hidden on page 2 otherwise known as where law firms go to die.

But how do you get this to happen exactly? In this case, it’s pretty easy if you head over to this link you can quickly find your business and get a custom link that lands clients on a page where they can leave a direct review on Google for your business. Can’t find yourself on that link? Make sure you’ve claimed your Google My Business profile. Once you have this link you can use it to direct clients to leave you a review here and they will find their way into Google’s result, viola!

Social Media

One of the best places, primarily because you control what gets posted there, is social media, think Facebook, Twitter, etc. theses websites already serve the purpose of letting you share your knowledge and wisdom with your audience and even serve as a place where customers can come to learn more about your business. Why not use this as a place to showcase your google work and happy clients?

When you get a great review on Google (see above) be sure to immediately cross-post (i.e. post on) all of your social media accounts. Not only does this help provide free social media content that’s unique it also shows clients who may never see your website or Google reviews directly that you’re doing a great job for clients. In fact, many clients will visit a law firm’s website and social media sites before choosing who to go with for their legal work. By cross-posting, you ensure that your firm will not only show up but look good.

Your law firm website

Posting to your website is also another great place to showcase your legal prowess and client success. By showcasing your reviews here you not only get control of what gets posted, but you also raise the likelihood that clients see and read reviews showing that you can help them find success in their legal journey. Our advice would be to dedicate both a top level menu item and a section on your home page, near the middle of the page to show off your reviews. Clients who make it to your website are generally very interested in your services and those great reviews will be just the thing to push them into giving you a call.

One quick tip on website reviews, make sure you don’t just post the text and the stars as images, be sure to use the proper markup language called “o-data” so that Google and other search engines can pick up the review properly as more than just text on the page, but also a review, if you properly populate the structured data Google is looking for you will not only get your review listed on search engines, but they will also have the stars shown in the search results like this:



How does that look to you, a lot better if you ask me and a lot more likely to get clicked on that’s for sure. As always if you want to automate this process and make it a lot simpler HighLevel is here to help, until next time!