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5 Tips to Speak to Millennial Customers

April 25, 2018


Bye bye baby boomers, millennials are in town! This consumer group is quickly becoming the most dominate group, driving purchasing decisions and the conversation in marketing and messaging. This group now represents the majority generation not just in number, but in spending.

Despite the recent rise in this consumer group businesses of all sizes are struggling to connect and engage with this group. This is because unlike like prior generations the preferences and buying habits of this group vary dramatically from the generations that came before them.

This generation grew up in the midst of the technology revolution and saw the birth of the cell phone, the Internet (thanks Al Gore!), SMS/instant messaging, and had access to the answers to almost any question in the palm of their hands most of their lives. But the good news is communicating with this generation doesn’t have to be difficult, just follow these 5 tips!

Bye bye telephone

Phone calls have been the cornerstone of communication almost since the inception of the phone in 1876, but the basics of phone calls hasn’t really changed in a long time, the basics are still the same.

In order to make phone calls work two people need to be able to sit down simultaneously to talk, with more mobility, longer commute time, and a more fast paced society at almost every level the ability to do this has greatly diminished and the time that is free is carefully guarded, not to be disturbed by solicitations or interruptions whenever possible. As a result millennials limit phone calls to the absolute miniumum amount of time possible.

Instead, millennials relay mainly on messaging apps — SMS, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, etc. Unlike phone calls, messaging is “asynchronous” meaning it doesn’t require the other party to be there when a message is sent or received. This leaves both parties the ability to get back to the other on their own time or when they have time to do so.

Despite this huge trend in person-to-person communication businesses haven’t adapted, currently on 48% of businesses offer any kind of messaging capabilities. Business that offer these types of communications preferences will see huge returns toward creating happy and loyal customers.

Personalize Your Message

Millennial primarily use messaging apps to talk to friends and family, so when engaging your millennial customers be sure to remember this in your messaging. Don’t use it to blast out generic marketing messages or offers, this type of communication will be death for a brand or business.

Instead remember your talking to an individual, your goal isn’t to sell, it’s to educate and help. Your just having a conversation, not driving at a goal, try to keep this in mind when crafting messages or messaging with your customers.

Remember your not engaging someone, you’re having a conversation. Your not networking you’re engaging in a conversation or when talking to existing customers it’s not retention it’s checking in to show them that you care. If you can follow this tone, your messaging will go a long way to growing your brand.

Be ready for new channels

Today’s it’s Snapchat and Instagram, tomorrow it could be something we’ve never heard of. Remember millennials are constantly trying out new mediums of communications, some of these are flash in a pan and some will go on to be the next big thing, you need to always be keeping up and more importantly experimenting. If you can catch a rising new service you can often get out ahead of your competition and get in front of people before your competition does.

Don’t forget the ones you already know

Obviously expanding your customer base with millennials is key to your future, but don’t forget your existing customer base, baby-boomers and gen-Xers are still there and have probably gotten you to where you are today, don’t forget them in the race to connect. Messaging needs to be an add-on to your business, but sometimes good old fashioned letters can still connect, you need to know your audience.

Get started

ProsperMD’s automated messaging platform can help you connect with your customers using these new messaging channels, give us a shout today, you can even text us — (855) 343-5189, talk soon!