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How reviews built the Instant Pot empire

April 25, 2018


Robert Wang would be the last person to call himself a marketing or sales genius, but he’s built one the largest cooking gadgets to hit the market in the last 10 years, the InstantPot, if you haven’t heard about it yet, you will soon!

This miniature pressure cooker is taking the world by storm, with Facebook groups and Twitter feeds dedicated to recipes for the product, but how did this Ph.D computer scientist with a specialty in artificial intelligence grow such a massive following and an amazing brands?

The power of the review

InstantPot was built almost entirely on the back off reviews, in this case Amazon reviews. When Robert launched the product on Amazon he had no marketing budget, no television commercials, and wasn’t carried in any major retailers. By slowly getting bloggers to try his Instant Pots, giving him feedback and praise he began to slowly sell more Instant Pots, each time gathering more and more positive reviews for his product on Amazon.

A focus on quality

Because Robert didn’t have the budgets of his competitors in the cookware space he had to focus on quality and ease of use. It was a hit, no only did he make it easier for his customers to cook quick, fresh meals for their families he made it simple and easy. His customer following quickly grew, his Facebook group now has over 750,000 members and growing.

Learn from Dr. Wang

Even if you aren’t shooting for cookware stardom, Dr. Wang’s story is a great example of how anyone can be successful if they focus on providing a great customer experience and working to make fans one customer at a time. By using the power of online reviews for your product or service you can grow your small business to amazing heights and beyond.

Have your heard of Ring?

Dr. Wang isn’t the only review success story the Ring company which started out as a product called doorbot was just bought by for $1 billion (yes that’s with a ‘b’). They’re product was absolutely innovative, but without a fanatic focus on quality and the positive reviews from their customer base they would be a nobody, with no marketing budget and starting out in a garage they have gone on to great things that are well deserved.

Start collecting those reviews

Follow the example set by Instant Pot and Ring, focus on providing a great service or product, make fans out of your customers and ask them to sing your praises. With a great review platform like the oneProsperMD provides, combined with your awesome business legions of fans can make you unstoppable.

Get started today collecting more reviews and grow your business with a focus on quality and with the power of reviews.