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Software is coming for your agency and what to do about it

August 24, 2018

Maybe you’ve had this experience, maybe not, but if you haven’t you will soon enough. One day you’re sitting there and the phone rings, who’s on the other end? One of your clients and what are they calling about? Well, some new whizbang software company has cold-called them and hard sold them on their amazing new widget or product that is going to help them market better, sell more, get more reviews, etc, etc. And now they want your help in getting it set up on their website.

Pretty soon the phone is ringing all the time and clients keep adopting this automated software to help them market. But wait a second isn’t that your job? All across Silicon Valley and strangely, Salt Lake City there are fleets of “SDRs” or sales development representative, which is just a fancy name for underpaid recent college grad, tasked with making 100 calls a day to local businesses trying to pitch them on the latest software from their venture-backed startup, sure to help their business blast off into the stratosphere and at a fraction of the cost of your marketing services.

And it’s working

According to a study by Techaisle recently revealed that local businesses have now reached a 94% adoption rate of some kind of SAAS product. Many start with something basic like Office 365 or G-Suite but this is the crack in the door that proves to the business owner that hosted software isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Also as demographics shift and more and more millennials replace their parents as the main owner of the business digital natives take the reigns and they have little to no problem with technology as it’s been around all their lives, a shift to the cloud is natural.

They’re coming for your job

While some of these software companies won’t come out and say it, they’re out for your job, they literally are trying to replace you. When they call your customers the message is clear, spend $X per month on my software and get rid of the other guy who you’re paying a whole lot more.

And lets face it, many of these software products have their place, your local business customers need more reviews, they need more appointments to be booked online, etc. but who says that the best way for those solutions to be delivered is by some guy in a sweatshop call center burning through his 100 calls a day?

A different vision

Our vision of the future is different, we believe in the power of the local digital agency to be the flag bearer for all things local marketing. While we see those other companies as out to take your job, we see our job as coming to cement it. We believe in the power of software to make meaningful change in the lives of small business, we just think that the best way to deliver those solutions is through working hand-in-hand with digital agencies, not against them.

And in fact, we are so adamant about this we took months to build an entirely white label software stack so that your customers never see our brand and only see yours. We believe in the power of the local agency to deliver a full set of solutions for their clients.

The future

We believe that the future looks bright for digital agencies, we see the agency of tomorrow to be less of a service provider, and more of a solutions provider, pulling from a library of resources, both software and service to create an end to end solutions for their clients.

As technology continues to invade our lives from every direction, marketing technology gets more complex and the combination of products and services that will provide the best outcomes for your clients is only something that can be delivered with a unique understanding of your customers. We believe this is why local marketing agencies will outlast even the best-funded startups.

If you’re ready to take the next step and see how we can help your agency take it to the next level check out our agency success page here.