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The Power of Online Customer Reviews

August 3, 2018


Online customer reviews are fast becoming the most powerful way for businesses to not only standout online but to even be ranked to begin with. What started as just an “Amazon thing” is now one of the most accepted methods of evaluating a business before you purchase. Event word of mouth recommendations from friends often not in a person going directly to the business, but to going online to read their reviews and see is my friend really right about how amazing these people are or is this a one off?

Online reviews don’t fairly represent my business.

I hear this all the time from business owners, they get a review from a client who they know they went all out for or a one-star review from someone with an axe to grind, the fact is that reviews are a new fact of life and no matter what you say did or did not happen, it’s almost a guarantee that one-star review is staying put. So what in the world is the hard working honest business person to do? Be prepared. What started as tools to bury bad reviews is quickly evolving the only way businesses to compete in new world of business, even local businesses are going to need to take advantage of online reviews to promote and get their businesses ranked online.

The future of SEO for local business

While the business of SEO will continue to revolve around content we believe it will continue to skew more and more towards online reviews. Think about it, when was the last time you didn’t read the reviews for a product you were about to buy? Even if you thought it was the best thing in the world for you, there is always that bit of doubt so why not reach the reviews just to be sure? So as those goes so go the world of online business reviews outside of the world of products. Soon every business in a competitive local market will be judged almost exclusively on their reviews.

Where do I begin?

The best way to start is to begin, great advice, but where exactly? The best place is actually not where you might at first think, but it’s super easy. Go back to your previous customers, the ones you’ve worked for over even as far back as the past year. Send them a review request and you’ll be surprised how many of them are happy to leave you a great review. You can even just come right out and say it, “Were trying to get some great reviews for our business, would you mind taking a moment to leave us a review?”. This can quickly put you on your way to a great start for your online reviews.

Keep it going

We created HighLevel to keep your business in the game of continuing to gain customers and we think reviews is the best way to do this. Use us to keep asking customers for reviews day in and day out automatically. Once you get in the habit of using a review platform your review counts will soar and you’ll quickly leave your competition in the dust. Your future success depends on your reviews and you need a tool that can help you automate this process.