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The winner-take-all world of dental reviews

April 25, 2018


If you’ve shopped online in the last 5 years you’ve no doubt shopped on, in fact let’s face it we all now shop in, maybe even for our dental equipment. Amazon is fast replacing offline retail for many reasons, it has easy 24/7 access to products, fast 2-day shipping, but it’s real value is in its reviews. One of the biggest reasons online shopping took time to catch on was trust, not just in the retailer, but in the products themselves. How do you know if that new brand of toaster is any good, you can’t see it, you can’t test it out for yourself, but when 2,000 other people say its good, it’s a good bet that while you might not think it’s perfect, it won’t be terrible either. Enter the power of reviews.

The power of reviews

92% of consumers now use online reviews as part of their buying process, 90% of customers read reviews before even setting foot in a business and 95% of people consider reviews as reliable as a recommendation from a friend or family member. Reviews truly are the reputation currency of the digital age.

In fact consumers spend 31% more more with businesses that have high ratings, who wouldn’t want a 31% higher order from their customer? Great online reviews build trust and loyalty for a dental practice. They help attract new patients and create amazing practices. Bad reviews can quickly sink a growing practice and be the end of a dental practice, let’s talk about how we grow our positive online reviews and keep those negative reviews to a minimum.

Good reviews drive growth

The easiest way to get a review from your dental patients is to just ask, it’s really that easy. But like a lot of life if you could remember to just do this or just do that of course it’s easy, but staying consistent with online reviews is a challenge. Especially in a busy dental practice where patient health is the priority.

But you would still be surprised by how many people don’t really do this at any level. The best way to start this process is to train your front-office staff to request positive reviews from your patients who have had a great experience at your office.