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Over the duration of this online short program, you will work through the following modules:

So grateful to have went through the SAAS Fast Track program. Clearly a no brainer for any business. The course provides actionable steps (& materials!) to take the guesswork out of the next steps. Paulson has a true gift in applying the knowledge in a way that regardless of where you are in your journey, you can understand & see the potential of incorporating SAAS in your business. Thank you to everyone at the HighLevel team for putting this together!

Jackie A

Pretty stoked to take the Fast Track course now that I have my workbook...This is one of the best workbooks I've ever seen to follow along a course with...

Serious props to the GHL team for putting this together, it is thorough AF... šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘ Seriously, over 100 pages of value to keep track of everything the videos cover....It did take forever to arrive but... worth it!!!

Rebecca K

Huge Shout-Out to the HL team once again! šŸŽ‰ šŸ‘‰I spent this weekend going through the whole new SAAS Fast Track training. šŸ”„ And I have to say that it is top notch. It was very professional, very well done. It was organized, well thought out, a ton of valuable and actionable information delivered in a very easy to understand, step by step way. Honestly can say it is Great for beginners and advanced. I took away some great nuggets! Well done! The assets for SAAS that you guys are Delivering and planning is top level and will help us win! Want to say Thank you to the entire HL team.! šŸ™‚

-Don F

After going through the course I have to say... Great job GHL! For those who have just started their journey to those who have been on the path for years.

The FastTrack course is easily digestible and it explains how to position your offer. From someone who has been overanalyzing for years...

Listen to Paulson about not overcomplicating things.

- Rich M

Just want to thank you and your entire team at GHL for everything you all are doing disrupting the industry!! It's badass and helping tons of agencies worldwide. Also, you did a great job in that SaaS course. I am a seasoned entrepreneur and marketer but the course was straight to the point, and short. It's exactly what most people will need especially when new to SaaS and entrepreneurship or the agency world. It surely helped give me some ideas for my SaaS too.

- Jahan H

Overview of modules in the program

Over the duration of this online short program, you will work through the following modules:


Module 1: IDENTITY

Building a brand starts with an identity in how the business is positioned.



The ultimate strategy to structuring your business model for the long haul



Iron out your fine-tuned niche and the offers you bring to the industry


Module 4: SYSTEM

Technology oriented process in order to scale without limit



Secret tactics that no one shares and talks about will be provided for prospecting



We focus on your customers' journey and their experience in account management skills

On Completion , You Will Walk Away With...

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1) A proven SaaS Funnel from the HighLevel Team ($1000) +

2) 4 Sets of SaaS Agency Prospecting Scripts ($2000) +

3) SaaS Cold Email Outbound Prospecting Copies ($1000) +

4) SaaS Niche List ($100) +

5) SaaS Sales Brochure for print media and hand out sample ($500) +

6) SaaS Demo Pitch Deck Unbranded ($300) +

7) SaaS Client Onboarding Training (Recorded DFY Subaccount setup) ($1000) +

8) SaaS Snapshot ($599) +

9) SaaS FastTrack Weekly Coaching Calls for Pro Users ($1000) +

10) Additional Purchased required: SaaSPRENEUR Special Edition Box Includes: SaaSPRENEUR SWAG, Notepad, Slide by Slide printed workbook (120 pages), SaaS Engraved pen, SaaSPRENUER Tshirt and more ($1200) +

11) First in line invitations and VIP Access to upcoming HighLevel Masterminds (Dallas, TX) ($2500)

Total Value of $13,196

(Free For Limited Time for HighLevel Pro Users)

creating your minimum viable product for your niche with saaS

Launching your beta doesn't have to be hard but is definitely possible with the right guidance in a crowded market. Create your ultimate competitive advantage for your agency.

bridging a clear path way for ultimate SaaS Retention

Understand how to serve your clients and provide support without having to build a massive team

take yourself to the next level with HighLevel's

SaaS FastTrack Program

Remember that before one can scale a business, one must scale their mindset into the next environment of growth you are entering. That means you must surround yourself with entrepreneurs who are driven and are willing to give to others in developing a collective mindset for growth. Join the community of 13,000 agencies who are scaling rapidly with their SaaS offerings.


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