Learn the Secret Formula and Proven Process to Land Your First Client in 5 Days!

We will show you how to quickly find a prospect, close the deal and onboard a paying customer into your agency.

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Hear How the 5 Day Challenge has Helped Others Like You

New to HighLevel? Not Good At Sales?
Then this challenge is perfect for you!

We'll walk you through step-by step to show you how to:

  • Find a prospect.

  • Build your irresistible offer.

  • Close a client.

  • Load up easy snapshots.

  • And launch a brand new client without having to figure out all the techy stuff!

Here's What Each Day Has In Store For You!


Creating Your Irresistible Offer

  • Overview of our AI Assistant Offer

  • Gateway to Expansion Model

  • Finances and Packaging

  • Positioning In Your Local Market


Setting Up Day

  • Prepping Your Agency Sub-Account for New Business

  • Easy Agency Snapshot Install

  • Setting Up Your AI Agency Website

  • Setting Up Your AI Chat Assistant


Prospecting & Sales

  • Creating Your Dream 100

  • Getting Infront of Prospects

  • Closing Deals & Set Expectations

  • Swipe & Deploy AI Collateral


Onboarding & Fulfillment

  • Your Tech Partnership with HighLevel

  • Understanding How To Set The Right Expectations

  • Learning the Systematic Onboarding Checklist

  • Setting The Stage For Ascension


Retention & Ascension

  • Positioning KPI & Wins using AI

  • Retention Strategy & Follow Up

  • Ascension Planning For Your Agency

Stop just hearing about the success stories of others and make one of your own!

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