SaaS Mode Education

Welcome To SaaS Mode

SaaS Mode is a massive project that we're rolling out in phases:

Phase 1: Agency Dashboard + Stripe Connect

Phase 2: Twilio Rebilling + Request Payment Flow

Phase 3: Plan Configurator + 2SOF

Phase 4: Branding + Checkout pages

Phase 5: SaaS metrics on dashboard

Phase 1: Connecting Stripe To Your Agency Dashboard

The new Agency Dashboard gives you a visual overview of the health of your agency by showing reports for:

• Previous Month's Revenue

• Current Monthly Recurring Revenue

• Total Customers In Your Stripe Account

• New Customers Gained This Month

• Revenue Distribution

• Growth Over The Last 6 Months

To activate your Agency Dashboard, connect Stripe in Agency Settings > Stripe Integration

Phase 2: Twilio Rebilling + Request Payment Flow

Phase 2 will add a new Billing tab in Sub-Account Settings where your customers will be able to enter their credit card information, enabling you to activate Twilio Rebilling which will auto-charge the client for Twilio credits and auto-recharge them when they get low.

You can even add a margin so that each time they are charged for more credits, you make a percentage!

Phase 2 also includes a new "Request Payment" link generator, making it easy to email or text the request link to your clients to get them to enter their credit card.

Phase 3: Plan Configurator + 2SOF

Phase 3 will allow you to build your SaaS plans with an awesome drag & drop Plan Configurator, complete with settings to add a trial period and a one-time setup fee.

Each configured plan will generate a Stripe Product in your Stripe Account with a unique product ID. You can then add the Product ID to the 2-Step Order Form element in Funnel Builder, enabling you to build custom signup pages until we roll out Phase 4.

Phase 3 also includes automated User + Account generation with pre-configured permissions as well as dunning and auto-lock out in case of failed payment.

Phase 4: Branding + Checkout pages

Phase 4 will allow you to auto-generate a beautiful checkout page with your branding where customers can view your plans and sign up via a streamlined, single-step checkout.

With your new Pricing Page launched, you'll be ready to start running ads and driving traffic!

Phase 5: SaaS Metrics On Dashboard

Phase 5 will bring a new SaaS Dashboard to track all the important metrics for your new software business like:

• Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

• New Customers

• Customer Status (active, inactive, billing status, etc.)

• Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

• And More!