Introducing HighLevel's

November Virtual Workshop

"Road To 100 SaaS Clients"

with Dar Holdsworth

November 14th - 17th

@ 2 PM CST

Join Us For A 4-Day Workshop that will teach you how to get 100 SaaS clients and keep them!

Day 1

How To Create Focus + Niche + Offer = To Get Clarity & Traction

Day 2

How To Attract & Acquire New Customers All On Autopilot

Day 3

Create Awesome Onboarding Experiences And Ensure An Early Adoption of GHL

Day 4

A Showcase Of Evergreen Customer Experiences With WINS

Meet Our In-Flight Captains

who will help us fight agency churn across galaxies far & wide!

Dar Holdsworth


Dar Holdsworth is the co-founder & CEO of Chiro Dominance, a SaaS company serving hundreds of chiropractic offices nationwide. He is also the founder & coach at Prolific SaaS, mentoring and teaching entrepreneurs the strategies & techniques to launch and grow their SaaS business. Prior to the software and digital marketing industry, Dar owned and operated a company that built custom motorcycles for clients worldwide. He won the world championships of custom bike building twice but admittedly had the wrong formula, which made it challenging to support his family the way they deserved. Dar’s quest for a better business model and better life led him to create a SaaS business employing HighLevel, and he’s never looked back. He passionately shares with others the positive impact it’s had on him and his family. Dar’s goal is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible transform their life by employing the SaaS model using HighLevel.

Paulson Thomas


HighLevel's Director of Business Development, and previous agency owner, will be our host for the event. His industry expertise ranges from healthcare to automotive and real estate. He shares practical applications from scaling three agencies in the past - one of which scaled to 800+ clients! And HighLevel has now scaled to over 15k SaaS users!

As a SaaSPRENEUR, Paulson has built several sales and marketing teams during his self-driven career, to scale at a rapid speed. He received his MBA in Finance from the University of Houston, and enjoys creating multi-layer business models while enabling teams across first-world markets.

He often says when he is not busy with business, you can find him on a basketball court grabbing buckets for his team. He loves being a winner on and off the court!