Learn the Secret Formula and Proven Process to Land Your First Client in 5 Days!

We will show you how to quickly find a prospect, close the deal and onboard a paying customer into your agency.

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New to HighLevel? Not Good At Sales?
Then this challenge is perfect for you!

We'll walk you through step-by step to show you how to:

  • Find a prospect.

  • Build your irresistible offer.

  • Close a client.

  • Load up easy snapshots.

  • And launch a brand new client without having to figure out all the techy stuff!

Here's What Each Day Has In Store For You!


Creating Your Irresistible Offer

  • Overview of our AI Assistant Offer

  • Gateway to Expansion Model

  • Finances and Packaging

  • Positioning In Your Local Market


Setting Up Day

  • Prepping Your Agency Sub-Account for New Business

  • Easy Agency Snapshot Install

  • Setting Up Your AI Agency Website

  • Setting Up Your AI Chat Assistant


Prospecting & Sales

  • Creating Your Dream 100

  • Getting Infront of Prospects

  • Closing Deals & Set Expectations

  • Swipe & Deploy AI Collateral


Onboarding & Fulfillment

  • Your Tech Partnership with HighLevel

  • Understanding How To Set The Right Expectations

  • Learning the Systematic Onboarding Checklist

  • Setting The Stage For Ascension


Retention & Ascension

  • Positioning KPI & Wins using AI

  • Retention Strategy & Follow Up

  • Ascension Planning For Your Agency

Stop just hearing about the success stories of others and make one of your own!

All The Goodies You'll Get

During The Challenge

  • 5-Day Digital Course Recordings ($1597)

  • 5-Day Zoom Live Sessions with Q&A ($2000)

  • 5-Day Challenge Workbook ($197)

  • Whitelabel Prospecting Funnel ($500)

  • Challenge Community Facebook Group (30 Day Access) (Free)

  • Premade ROI Profit Calculator ($500)

  • Agency Account Snapshot with Workflows ($200)

  • New Client Onboarding Snapshot with Workflows ($1200)

  • Unbranded Sales Demo Slides ($197)

  • Sales Accountability Tracker (Free)

  • 5 Proven Prospecting Sales Scripts ($500)

  • Features FAQ Doc for prospecting ($97)

  • Unbranded Brochure for in person meetings ($97)

  • Challenge Social Media Badges (Priceless :) )

Total Valued : $7085 but challenge is FREE for the first 100...

Your future client(s) are waiting

Participation in the 5 Day Challenge does not guarantee results. The Challenge is an opportunity to learn about techniques that have worked for others. The same techniques may or may not result in similar success.

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