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9 Facebook Marketing Ideas Every Business Should Use

April 25, 2018



Getting Facebook to work for your business can be a challenging task, where to begin? You know you need to post and be engaging, but what do you post and where? How do you reach your core audience and arouse interest? Facebook is a great way to generate leads and drive awareness in your brand, to help you get the most from your Facebook marketing we’ve compiled a list of 9 actionable steps you can take today to start growing your business today.

Make sure your profile is fully filled out

One of the easiest things to do, but that’s often overlooked is making sure your profile is filled out completely. Not only does this help potential customers find you while browsing and searching Facebook, but as you post this will help Facebook show your content on right channels in and get it in front of the right people.

Go into your profile and pages and make sure you have your web site, profile picture, background image, you can also contact information, business description, and your company mission.

Build your funnel

Some people don’t realize Facebook can be an incredibly important lead generator for their business. In fact in can be much cheaper than other options, when compared to Google Adwords the cost per click on Facebook is just $0.64/click compared with $2.32/click on average with AdWords, that’s a huge difference!

And the best part about advertising on Facebook is how flexible it is. It can help with relationship building and brand awareness, but also driving traffic to your Facebook page or your website. The most important thing is knowing how to use it to build up your sales funnel and capture leads so you can turn them into new customers.

Create Targeted Ads

Facebook offers a great product called targeted ads, using the Facebook Ad Manager you can easily create and manage campaigns to target specific audiences that are a perfect fit for your business.

For example if you wanted to home buyers between the ages of 30-65 in the state of Illinois now you can! And if this is your market now you can really own it, with messaging and marketing that focus just on the message those buyers need to know. Use area specific terms like names of neighborhoods, sports teams or schools that will match the local area knowledge you and your audience share to really be effective.

How often to post

The age old question, how do you balance working in your business vs working on your business. If you’re a small business that has a local reach posting 1-5 times per month will easily double your traffic. This is probably the best place to start, it’s an easy goal and you can even set up a calendar schedule to queue you to write new posts or set aside time each week to write one post or update.

After you achieve this  and want to go the extra mile move it up to several times per week, the data shows that this can increase traffic 300% or more, it can be hard to sustain, but if you can make it a habit you can really drive huge returns for your business.

Don’t forget catchy images

Humans being are nothing if not a visual species, we consume first with our eyes and then with our minds, when posting online be sure every article comes with an image, it’s this image that sets the tone for the post and helps professionalize your presentation to your prospective customers.

When was the last time you wanted to real a novel from a business? Another great way to help your customers are graphs and diagrams, visual learning is a big part of how we learn and these types of materials make things easier to understand, in fact to prove the point here is a graph of Facebook’s traffic:

Does this look like a declining medium, I think not!

Manage your reputation

How consumers decide who they are going to choose to do business with has changed drastically in a short period of time. Amazon brought us product reviews and along with them the entire world was upended, now customers expect to know almost everything about your business before they buy. But the most important thing they want to know is what your reputation is.

Facebook has made reviews a huge part of its profiles for local businesses. If you want your business to stand out you need to seek feedback and reviews from your customers and get them to leave those great reviews on your Facebook page. This process can be automated and streamlined by implementing an online review management platform like the one offered byProsperMD. The right platform allow you to seamlessly and automatically allow your customers to leave a review and this will have an a huge impact on your reviews in your profile.

Don’t forget Facebook Messenger

When customers want to interact with your business you need to be ready to meet them on their terms. These days this often happens via SMS or messenger app, including Facebook messenger.

Making it easy for customers to interact with your business through Facebook Messenger is an easy and simple way for you to build direct one-on-one relationships with your customers. Messenger also allows you to quickly and easily respond to direct feedback in a personal way, discreetly resolving problems or answering questions customers have and giving you another opportunity to engage with your prospective or existing customers.