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Top 3 Google ranking secret revealed!

August 26, 2018

The secret is out! So if you’re reading this you would love to be at the top of Google when your customer tries searching for what you do. Maybe you’re paying an SEO company thousands of dollars a month to try to achieve just this kind of result. The great news is new data has just come out that will make it easier to finally reach that goal.

It’s all about citations

In a moment we’ll get into the secret, but before we do we need to cover the topic of citations. Now when I first read about citations I was confused. What exactly is a citation and why are they important. Let’s first tackle this. So what does a citation look like, it’s basically any time your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) appear on a website, particularly one with any kind of authority, i.e. not just same random web site;

Local ranking is all about NAP citations, the more you have the more likely you’re going straight to the top!

Where should I be listed to maximize NAP citations?

So now we sort of know what NAO means and we can tell by looking at an example what might be included, but what websites should try to get an NAP listing on and which ones really matter? Well the good news is, we’ve got a list, the bad news is, the list is pretty big! Here is a nice graphic to represent all of the websites we really ought to be listed on for our NAP:

Sadly these aren’t the only places you want to be listed, these are the place you need to be listed (gulp!).

I know what you’re what you’re thinking right, that list huge, how in the world do I tackle all of those? The good news is that you have two choices here, the free way, which is where you literally go from website to website to website to website and manually try to submit yourself to each one and get your listing all setup. This is the I have a lot time and no money solution, which if that’s you, I recommend it.

But for the people who need NAP listing yesterday and can’t/won’t/don’t want to do this themselves there is software that will automatically push your NAP information out to every single website on that graphic up there, yeah seriously every single one. We actually make that software here at HighLevel, if you’re interested grab a free demo.

What’s the magic number?

Oh yeah that’s right I offered you the magic number at the very top of this blog post and now I intend to deliver, 85. Yup you heard that correctly, 85. So that means out on the internet some where 85 legit non-sketchy websites are listing your local businesses’s contact info. If we look at the list above that’s about 60-ish logos, a good start and with automated software like HighLevel helping you out you can quickly get yourself off to an awesome start but what about the other 15? Well don’t despair we’ve got some good ideas for you there.

Other sources for citations

As a local business owner think of all the way you already connect with your community to try to build your reputation and connection. You probably belong to some local groups, like your chamber of commerce or other business group. These groups have websites, make sure if you’re paying any kind of membership fee you’re listed on these websites in their members section.

Another great way to gain citations is from your industry memberships and affiliations, again all of these should have a website and you should be listed on it. Try to make sure they are listing your full NAP information and if they’re not be sure to ask them to update it. These links mean a lot for your business in the game of search, act accordingly.

Another great way to gain NAP citations is to work with local or national groups to do presentations, give speeches, free classes, presentations, etc. Anything where you can get your name in light and have your local business referenced enough for Google to track it back to who you are, in a perfect world this would be the full name, address, phone number cadre, but your company name and website will probably due especially if you’ve already covered the ones above.


This new data really helps reinforce the often overlooked message of how important citations are to your local business. When you’re marketing online you’re spending all of this money on advertising on Google and Facebook, when for pennies you could actually end of driving more traffic for a couple of simple steps to link your business properly so it can be found when your customer search online. So get out there and start crushing it with this awesome new way to grow your business online.