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Why digital agencies should offer reputation management

August 7, 2018

The goal of every digital agency is to help their clients achieve real results, it’s not longer about just a fancy website or some nice business cards, your clients need and demand to see a real return on their investment with you. In the world of online advertising while some can buy their way to the top, it’s an ever more expensive proposition and in almost every market it still doesn’t guarantee success, at best it gets you a seat at the table.

But from there how do consumers decide who they are going to spend their time and dollars on? The bottom line comes down to reviews. Reviews represent the banner head of a movement that is sweeping every industry from dentists to lawyers as consumers turn what started out as something you only to see on Amazon as the number one way they decide who to choose for their money.

And it actually makes a ton of sense, it’s really just their reputation, amplified from person to person to the public web. It’s nothing new, it’s simply being repurposed. But as a digital agency you know that even the best stories are in need of amplification and the businesses that do the best job telling their stories to the widest audiences win.

Enter reputation management

While you can build a great website, run an amazing Facebook campaign, and create great blog content, nothing creates quite the same buzz as a customer’s honest opinion and sharing of something amazing that happened when they worked with that business. But we can’t simply wait around and hope customers share their great experiences with the world, in fact if we do we might find all the positive experiences never come out and the only things that do make it online about our customers are the negative ones.

Reputation management is about automating the process of generating great content that our customers can help us create by asking them to share their experiences at the exact right times. These are the times when they’ve just come from an interaction with our business, received the final product from our work or got a chance to use the thing that we create. These are the moments when we most remember our feelings about those experiences and are most willing to share them with the world.

How digital agencies can help themselves and their clients

As an agency your role is as much a guide and mentor for your customer than anything. You help them focus on what they do best while helping them tell their story and get the word out on what they can do so potential customers see how amazing they are and can discover that for themselves. As an agency working with HighLevel you can quickly deploy the following for your clients.

Make sure they’re listed everywhere that matters

Having your business properly listed on the web is critical, you never know where a customer is searching or looking for information so if they come across an old address, incorrect business hours, or an old menu of services you can quickly lose the chance to bring that customer. Also as search engines use more and more structured data across the web to populate their own listings you need a way to be in control of the data and to make sure everything is accurate. Our Listings Management software does just that, you can help your clients automate the entire process overnight and be visible overnight across the web from Yelp to Google to Facebook and more we’ve go you covered.

Monitor their reviews in real time

Helping your clients know what people are saying about them and their brand is critical, its not just social media anymore, increasingly it’s reviews from all across the web, when customers mention your client you need to be there to respond, both good and bad. In the case of bad the faster you get back to that person the less likely that information hangs out on the web unanswered, but even when something good is said getting in on the conversation shows you care and are paying attention. Customers love it when a business is on top of things. Not to mention it lets you help continiue to tell the story for your client.

Engage on social media

With our tools you quickly engage across all your client’s social media channels, promoting content, having conversations, and making sure their story continues to get told. Also as their reviews come in you can quickly and easily cross-post these to all their social channels, helping to drive additional engagement and using the most valuable currency, positive reviews to drive more customers right through the front door.

Generate more positive reviews

As we discussed above engaging at the right time is critical and generating more reviews is the number on way businesses with thrive in the future. You need the right tool for the job, HighLevel’s review generation platform your secret weapon to driving client results. By automating the review collection process you can quickly deliver results your clients will love. Who doesn’t need 300 5-star reviews? These reviews can not only be used as a great social media tool they have a huge impact on how clients rank on Google and other search engines, which all directly impact their bottom line.

Our goal at HighLevel is to help digital agencies take their clients to the next level by providing tools and software that you can deploy in your existing relationships to drive more value and above all real results. We want to be your partner in driving the growth of your agency and your clients. Reach out we would love to work with you!