The Power of Online Customer Reviews

10 Reasons Millennials Aren’t Answering Your Phone Calls

Being able to communicate is an awesome thing! As forms of communication continue to grow certain forms like texting and Snapchat, it’s sadly going to be the case that some forms of communication like phone calls start to die. Among one group this trend is all too obvious, Millennials, this has a big effect on […]

Top 3 Google ranking secret revealed!

The secret is out! So if you’re reading this you would love to be at the top of Google when your customer tries searching for what you do. Maybe you’re paying an SEO company thousands of dollars a month to try to achieve just this kind of result. The great news is new data has […]

Software is coming for your agency and what to do about it

Maybe you’ve had this experience, maybe not, but if you haven’t you will soon enough. One day you’re sitting there and the phone rings, who’s on the other end? One of your clients and what are they calling about? Well, some new whizbang software company has cold-called them and hard sold them on their amazing […]

How to use white label software to grow your agency

Everywhere you look you can see the stories of doom and gloom for digital marketing agencies, for example, this recent AdWeek article describes how growth across all aspects of digital are down and agencies are actually laying people off. In the middle of one of the lowest unemployment periods in history, you heard that right […]

Why your law firm website isn’t enough and what to do about

Every law firm needs a great website, right? Of course, but does a website really matter if no one sees it? Your firm’s website is a critical part of your marketing and branding but is the last stop on the journey of your potential clients when they trying to find a firm to help them […]

Why digital agencies should offer reputation management

The goal of every digital agency is to help their clients achieve real results, it’s not longer about just a fancy website or some nice business cards, your clients need and demand to see a real return on their investment with you. In the world of online advertising while some can buy their way to […]

3 ways attorneys can use reviews to grow their practices

  Generating positive reviews is great, who doesn’t like seeing their name in lights? Especially when you know you’ve done a great job helping a client. The next step is leveraging those reviews properly to help grow your law firm and let future clients know you’re the right law firm for the job. While at […]

How to outrank third party review sites on Google

  Why does this matter? Every day on Google people search for products and services they need and want, your brand can be the one they choose to go with and if so that’s more customers for you and growth for your business. But there are a tidal wave of third party sites working hard […]

The Power of Online Customer Reviews

  Online customer reviews are fast becoming the most powerful way for businesses to not only standout online but to even be ranked to begin with. What started as just an “Amazon thing” is now one of the most accepted methods of evaluating a business before you purchase. Event word of mouth recommendations from friends […]

The winner-take-all world of dental reviews

  If you’ve shopped online in the last 5 years you’ve no doubt shopped on Amazon.com, in fact let’s face it we all now shop in Amazon.com, maybe even for our dental equipment. Amazon is fast replacing offline retail for many reasons, it has easy 24/7 access to products, fast 2-day shipping, but it’s real […]

How to respond to positive and negative reviews

  How do you handle negative reviews for your business? Why would you reply to a positive review? This guide will show you why and how to respond to reviews online, both the good and the bad, all while earning more business in the process. Often people wonder why they would want to respond to […]

The importance of reputation management for your dental practice

  You’re about to book a hotel for your family vacation and you’re checking out the options. You’ve heard good things about Hotel A, but when you look at the reviews you can see recently guess are complaining of poor service and construction noise, do you take the chance? Or do you book at a […]

4 Ways Online Reviews Impact How Customers Find Your Business

  The first thing customers see when they look for your business online are its ratings and reviews. Having a good star rating and quality review content will drive interest in your business. Most importantly it can be the thing that pushes the customer to make a purchase. Because consumers can take a long time […]

How reviews built the Instant Pot empire

  Robert Wang would be the last person to call himself a marketing or sales genius, but he’s built one the largest cooking gadgets to hit the market in the last 10 years, the InstantPot, if you haven’t heard about it yet, you will soon! This miniature pressure cooker is taking the world by storm, […]

7 Examples of How to Improve Your Customer Reviews

  Customer feedback is really all about social proof and is the biggest reason online reviews help customers when they deciding who to buy from. That’s why 88% of customer incorporate online reviews when making a buying decision and 93% say reviews impact their buying decision. But how do you go about getting great feedback […]

Google My Business Reviews

  Google My Business Reviews are one of the most important additions to Google for local businesses in the last few years. Instead of digging through countless websites, asking on Facebook, or talking to friends and family for recommendations, you can now see reviews for local businesses right along side the normal search results Google […]

5 Tips to Speak to Millennial Customers

  Bye bye baby boomers, millennials are in town! This consumer group is quickly becoming the most dominate group, driving purchasing decisions and the conversation in marketing and messaging. This group now represents the majority generation not just in number, but in spending. Despite the recent rise in this consumer group businesses of all sizes […]

9 Facebook Marketing Ideas Every Business Should Use

    Getting Facebook to work for your business can be a challenging task, where to begin? You know you need to post and be engaging, but what do you post and where? How do you reach your core audience and arouse interest? Facebook is a great way to generate leads and drive awareness in […]

What Yelp’s Crackdown on Review Collection Means to You

Yelp recently announced a that they are cracking down on soliciting reviews from customers. Apparently they believe that it leads to a bias from customers. They recently started sending emails like this to customers:     While it’s not surprising Yelp is taking this direction, it is a disappointment that they are choosing to punish […]